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Class Talks

April 11, 2008

As you probably know our class has been making personal projects. Well now we have all finished our projects and have to present a talk to the class based on whatever your project was. The talk has to be at least 5 minutes long. I think that everyone that has done their talk has done very well!



Personal talks

April 11, 2008

We have to do a personal talk that followed on from our projects.  We did it on what ever we wanted to. Lots of people have done their talks and I’m sure the class has learned a lot on dogs, the Queen, rabbits and lots of amazing things that we all didn’t know before.

 by Michelle

Our Personal Project

December 22, 2007

P.7’s have to do a Personal Project based on anything that you like. We started it around the 8th of December and have to hand it in by the 19th of February 2008.

By Michelle and Emma  

1930’s Topic

September 21, 2007

So far in P7 we have been learning about life in the 1930’s. We were put into groups of four and were to get information from the internet and from books and make a display and present a 3-5 minute talk.

by Kirsty