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Dance Club

March 19, 2008

At Lochgilphead we have a dance club, it is really fun. We get to do cheerleading and streetdancing, where we do routines with pompoms. It is really enjoyable. The boys go to football and girls can go too. the boys can go to dance club but they enjoy football more.

by Caitlin,Emily and JOSH


Boring Warm up

December 14, 2007

The Christmas Warm Up is a bit too old for us. It’s more P1 style of warming up. The P7’s absolutely hate it. They think it’s too babyish for us.

Chris, Cameron and Duncan

Football time

November 21, 2007

Our school has just had our first football time. Everyone enjoyed it and we hope for nice sunny weather next week

School footballers – Chris and Blair

Wednesday’s netball

September 26, 2007

Every Wednesday Mrs Stankey and Mrs Dickie take netball for Primary five, ,Primary six and Primary seven. We play outside when it is sunny and inside when it’s raining. It is much better outside because we get a bigger court to play on. At end of each year we have a competition for each clan.