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Our Pantomime

November 21, 2007

P7 are starring in a pantomime called Hagbane’s Doom. It is about three children who go under an arch which has their names on it. They find themselves in a dead forest ruled by a wicked witch called Hagbane. The forest used to be beautiful when the forest folk had the Merestone. The Merestone is a precious stone, whoever holds the stone holds the power. Prince Oswain, is on a mission to get the Merestone back and restore the peace of the old days.  Mr Trotter the wise old badger and his wife long for the forest to be beautiful again. Will they get the Merestone back? Who knows?

By Kirsty


P7 Pantomine

October 9, 2007

In December 07, P7 are doing a pantomine as they have done the past few years. This years pantomine is called Hagbane’s Doom. We have done auditions today and hopefully find out tomorrow who we are going to play.

by Michelle and Emma