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Music time!!!

March 19, 2008

Next week the Music Festival begins with country dancing. People all over the country can come. The festival is based in Lochgilphead Joint Campus in the hall. It goes from pianos to dancing spread over two weeks. It is a fun week for everyone.

by Sarah & Jennifer



March 19, 2008

Lots of people who have musical instruments like the flute, oboe and the clarinet are taking part in the Music Festival 2008. There are a lot of different schools taking part so there are a lot of entries.
Iona, Emma and Liam 😀

Lorna and Madeline’s Duet

March 19, 2008

Lorna and Madeline are playing a duet on thei Clarinet and Flute. They are playing Early One Morning. They are against Emma and Hannah. Good Luck to both of them!!!!!!!!!!!


Emma and Hannah’s duet

March 19, 2008

Emma and Hannah are doing a duet on their musical instruments, the flute, in the music festival called Vivace in C.
They are against Lorna and Madeline and they hope to win!!!!
Emma, Iona and sadly Liam 🙂

Instrument Lessons

September 26, 2007

Every Friday Ms Mackay comes in the afternoon to teach us music. She teaches us tunes
to play in the music festival and things like that. Ms Mackay plays many different instruments such as the Clarinet, Flute and the Oboe. So on Fridays we can’t wait until we can go and play our instruments.



September 26, 2007

On Friday 31st August Mrs Macdonald held auditions for the vocal ensemble. It went well, me and my friend got in. I sang Chasing Cars and my friend sang Rise up. We’re currently singing You’ve got a friend.

By Chris


September 21, 2007

Last week Stuart Liddell came in to tell is some info about the bagpipes. He played Scotland the Brave and then offered to take us for lessons. He went round the whole school and nearly everyone wanted to play the pipes! We have to start with a chanter and then in a few years we would get pipes.


  by Chris