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Class Talks

April 11, 2008

As you probably know our class has been making personal projects. Well now we have all finished our projects and have to present a talk to the class based on whatever your project was. The talk has to be at least 5 minutes long. I think that everyone that has done their talk has done very well!



Personal talks

April 11, 2008

We have to do a personal talk that followed on from our projects.  We did it on what ever we wanted to. Lots of people have done their talks and I’m sure the class has learned a lot on dogs, the Queen, rabbits and lots of amazing things that we all didn’t know before.

 by Michelle

Doomsday Book

February 6, 2008

P7 have got sheets of paper with info about the school, pupils, teachers, school dinners, classtime, etc. and all of our tables are researching on different subjects like building, people, classtime etc and we all use the ideas to research the facts in the task. It’s quite hard because we’ve got to find times to interview the teachers when they have free time. Our group is researching people and me, Suzie, Michelle and Blair are all working hard to finish it. We have already interviewed Mrs White but there’s still lots to do!

By Stephen and Blair

Accelerated Reading

December 14, 2007

We have been doing Accelerated Reading for quite a while now. What is Accelerated Reading? Well it’s reading but with levels, like 7.7 or 3.5, something like that. We get about twenty-five to thirty minutes every day. We do quizzes as well and we can get loads of points for it. It’s really fun!

The Legends accelerate to the highest Peak of the mystery of reading!!!!

October 3, 2007


Recently Lochgilphead Primary School, soon to be renamed, (if you want to find out more discover the post on the new school) has started a brand new super-sonic reading scheme, Accelerated Reading. Accelerated Reading is a computer programme. The idea of the scheme is to enable children to enjoy books and to introduce them to their individual ZPD level, which is simply their level and capabilities of reading. For example, their level could range from 3.2-5.7 or 4.7 -7.8.

The school library is split into all these different levels. The levels differ from 0.1 -13.5+ and there is both fiction and non-fiction categories of books.

Star testing is a test we participate in throughout the year and it decides our ZPD level (which I have explained to you about)

Once you have chosen and read the book through thoroughly, you then take a quiz on the subject of this certain book on the computer. There either 5,10,20 questions.

The questions look something like this:
They put the fire out with a
2.water extinguisher
You would then select the one you think correct using the computer keys

Your result are then taken into account and are then used to provide info on your progress. With each book comes a certain degree of points. The points are based on the type of the book, and sophistication of the vocabulary. Together with the amount of points you earn and the number of books you read you are presented a certificate with recognition of you achievement.
The whole aim of Accelerated Reading is getting the children to enjoy reading and most of all having fun.

by Madeline