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20,000 steps FOR SPORTS RELIEF

March 19, 2008

Blair,Mini,Chirs,Liam did 20,000 steps for Sports Relief. We ran around Lochgilphead Joint Campus 4 times then gave up on that so we ran up and down 55 steps. We had to do that 85 times each.

We raised £165.55 altogether.



Fandabbidozi Friday

February 6, 2008

This Friday Primary 7 are having a fun day to raise money for our trip to Dunolly. We are having different stalls like Guess the Teddy’s Birthday, Baking Stall, Tombola, Guess the Weight of the Cake, Treasure Hunt, Guess the Number of Sweeties in the Jar and Busking. It is going to be fab fun and hopefully we will raise some money for Dunolly. 🙂

By Lorna and Kirsty

Fun Friday

February 6, 2008

On Friday the 8th of February P7 are holding a Fun Friday. We are selling lots of cakes (for me)! The reason we are doing this is because we’re raising money for ou trip to Dunolly.


Shelter Box

January 20, 2008

We have recently been notified that the three Shelter Boxes we contributed to have been sent to Mbabane in Swaziland to help accomodate aids orphans.

Charity Collections

January 20, 2008

We held a silver collection at both the P6/7 Pantomime and the P1-3 Nativity Shows.  We managed to collect over £600 and this money has been sent to the Maggie’s Centre in Glasgow to help people suffering from cancer.  Thank you to all who donated.


Shelter Box

October 12, 2007

Through all our fundraising in the classes, the competition to see how many people we could get in the shelter box tent (130 altogether), the staff dinner and the money collected at the end of term service we have raised over £1100 for the Shelter Box appeal.  This means we will be able to send two Shelter Boxes to a disaster area.  Well Done to everyone involved!

 Mrs MacDonald


Shelter Box

September 26, 2007

Recently the Rotary club of Lochgilphead came and taught us about the charity Shelter Box. Shelter Box is a charity that sends big green boxes to Africa. The boxes are filled with equipment for families. The box includes a tent that can fit 10 people in it, sleeping bags, a cooking stove and cooking equipment, an activity pack for children, water containers, purification tablets, ponchos, ropes and bin bags. The shelter box helps places that have been affected by tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. Lochgilphead Primary are trying to raise £490 to buy a shelter box and send it to Africa.

by Lorna

shelter_logo.gif thb_a-somali-family-made-ho.gif