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The Big Draw!

November 28, 2007

The Big Draw was all about encouraging children into drawing more often and showing us that you don’t need big time to make a masterpiece. Jenny Soep, a famous artist (who did the design for the Proclaimers fan T-shirts) was the person teaching us. There was a game of knowledge about musical instruments (with a twist!). You had to whack the ground with these stick things. Another one was DRAWING them AND THAT WAS REALLY HARD FOR THE GROUPS, (especially with drawing the tuba in thirty seconds, but it was harder for Blair and Iona as they had to draw it in FIFTEEN seconds! I liked the happy and sad drawings and that was quite cool and I drew a skull and cross bones for sad. I noticed a lot of the girls had done rainbows and sunshine etc. (Aka the normal for girls). The name game thingy was a bit strange because you needed to draw a oval really quickly and then a tiny but not invisible dot in the middle of the page and write your name, but instead of go first she said THINGS LIKE gorilla and goat. Another game was drawing a line in different colours in swirls and just let it go wild but you weren’t supposed to take your pen off the paper. It made really cool patterns and magical shapes. I just let my imagination flow and go crazy and release all of my artistic skills that had been locked away for, well lets just say a long part of my life. It was really good to get that off me and was a good moment of my life. In the end the blue team won because they had three more smiley faces than the Red Team, but it’s a lot about good sportsmanship and teamwork and might I add a lively, colourful, vivid and very active imagination.
The Big Draw helped us to learn about things that can be very useful in later life if any of us take a degree in college or university. If some of us even want to be a artist maybe one of us will draw, paint or sketch a masterpiece. Here are a few art tips for all of you out there that want to do anything to do with art:
TIP1 It doesn’t matter whatever you draw about just draw what you want to.
TIP2 If you make a mistake and you think it ruins it it will have been good practice so you’ll have learn’t from your mistake so the old saying that you learn from your mistakes is absolutely, positively 100 % correct
TIP3 If you need inspiration and you think theres none locally, well then you’re wrong because there’re tons of woodland places and the Sea Life Centre in Oban is realy magical. I found a cave that had a kind of resting place for otters and I saw two of them sleeping together there.
TIP4 If you try to draw anywhere with pencils always bring spares and a couple of pencil sharpeners.

Well that’s The Big Draw. If you’re really into art then try visiting art buildings or maybe there’s an artist that was or is in your family. There are a lot of paintings in houses, ask questions and go on an art hunt.

P.S It comes every year to a school so if your lucky you may get the chance to do it and trust me it’s worth it and maybe if your school starts a blog you could write about it on the blog. If you ask the teacher of course!

By Duncan and Stephen


The Big Draw!

November 21, 2007

Last week our school took part in the Big Draw. A lady called Jenny Soep came and showed us different things about drawing. There were two teams the Dreadful Drums and the Terrific Tambourines. We had lots of fun games that showed drawing in a fun way . We played a game called Boomwhacker. It was where both teams had a boomwhacker and Jenny held up pictures of instruments and we had to tell her what they were. Jenny Soep specialises in drawing people playing instruments. We were working in teams too. We were drawing sad and happy things. It was good fun!

By Lorna

The Big Draw

The Big Draw !!

November 21, 2007

In the middle of November 2007 we participated in The Big Draw which was hosted by a well-known and credited artist named Jenny Soep.  We drew pictures of musical instruments and at the end we were presented with certificates .
We all enjoyed it very much.

by Michelle and Madeline


September 26, 2007

P7 have been Weaving on card looms and different fabrics like soft and hard and when you have finished you cut the string at the back then trim the edges.

By Duncan

Carnasserie Castle – Art

September 21, 2007

P7 went to Carnasserie Castle with my teacher. We took pictures and at art time we picked a photo and looked carefully at the lines on the stone and drew pictures.

by Emily


We went to Carnasserie Castle. When we got there we drew some pictures of it. When we got back to school we drew some more pictures from the photos we took then we did some weavings of the walls in the castle.

by Sarah