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Our Personal Project

December 22, 2007

P.7’s have to do a Personal Project based on anything that you like. We started it around the 8th of December and have to hand it in by the 19th of February 2008.

By Michelle and Emma  


Accelerated Reading

December 14, 2007

We have been doing Accelerated Reading for quite a while now. What is Accelerated Reading? Well it’s reading but with levels, like 7.7 or 3.5, something like that. We get about twenty-five to thirty minutes every day. We do quizzes as well and we can get loads of points for it. It’s really fun!

Boring Warm up

December 14, 2007

The Christmas Warm Up is a bit too old for us. It’s more P1 style of warming up. The P7’s absolutely hate it. They think it’s too babyish for us.

Chris, Cameron and Duncan