The Big Draw!

Last week our school took part in the Big Draw. A lady called Jenny Soep came and showed us different things about drawing. There were two teams the Dreadful Drums and the Terrific Tambourines. We had lots of fun games that showed drawing in a fun way . We played a game called Boomwhacker. It was where both teams had a boomwhacker and Jenny held up pictures of instruments and we had to tell her what they were. Jenny Soep specialises in drawing people playing instruments. We were working in teams too. We were drawing sad and happy things. It was good fun!

By Lorna

The Big Draw

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3 Comments on “The Big Draw!”

  1. lochgilpheadlegends Says:

    Doing the BIG draw was good and i like doing the games waas good.I found drawing fast was hard


  2. emma Says:

    it was good fun taking part in The Big Draw!!!

  3. thebayattic Says:

    This is a brilliant and fun way to learn and explore new things. It sounds like you enjoyed it. I wish we had had a lady like Jenny when I was at school. I and my colleagues give this a Bay Attic 10 out of 10 !

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