Hagbane’s Doom

P7 are doing a pantomime and it is called Hagbane’s Doom. Dominque is Hagbane, she is the witch.

The songs are called The Merestone, Light a Candle, Time Will Come, What Do You Want, Mighty Mice, Wretched Child, Take A Juicy Spider, Someone Help Me Please, Oswain’s Destiny, Fire and Freedom Calling.

  P7 are loving it.

by Emily

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4 Comments on “Hagbane’s Doom”

  1. patrice and emma Says:

    we are really enjoying doing the pantomine

  2. Lorna Says:

    I think it’s great doing the pantomime and I can’t wait until the real performance!


  3. laura Says:

    hagbane doom is the best we are doing it at oldbury

  4. Sophie Says:

    We are doing Hagbane’s doom play at our school, i am Grumble the mighty mouse can’t wait til we start dress rehearsals!

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